Wind Tower Welding Inspection

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    In the next few years, most of the wind turbines installed in Spain will be 15 years old since their installation and commissioning.

    The need for manufacturers, maintainers, developers and owners of wind farms to increase the life of wind turbines has led to the implementation of life extension plans for wind power plants in recent years.

    SCI, Control & Inspection echoes this concern and offers to the market new inspection systems for the determination of structural defects in wind turbines.

    In particular, it has designed and put into operation an automatic system of inspection ultrasonic inspection of the welds of the wind towers in service.

    Wind turbine weld inspection

    The welding inspection of the wind towers is performed using a magnetic trolley, developed by the R&D department, with access from the outside of the tower remotely controlled from the ground by an SCI operator.

    Applications of automatic ultrasonic equipment:

    • Maintenance and monitoring of wind towers.
    • Inspection of towers in wind farm life extension plans.
    • Detection of cracks and internal defects in welds without affecting the paint.
    • Dimension of the detected defects in length and depth.
    • Close-up visual inspection of surface structural defects (dents, defects caused by blade impact, lightning strikes, etc.).
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    Advantages of weld inspection on wind towers

    • Avoid the use of elevating platforms and rope climbing methods.
    • Data recording, verification and consultation at any time during the life of the machine.
    • Monitoring of weld condition and progress of defects detected in previous inspections.
    • Real-time display of correct data acquisition.
    • Inspection of 100% of the weld volume.
    • Possibility of weld inspection with the machine in service.
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    SCI CONTROL & INSPECTION continues to provide other services for the wind industry:

    • Inspection by PHASED ARRAY Recordable Ultrasonic Inspection of the Aluring ring of machines in the workshop and in service in the park.
    • Radiographic inspection by X-Ray equipment of the Aluring ring in the workshop and in service at the wind farm.
    • Manual Ultrasonic Inspection of welded joints in tubular tower structures.
    • Digital X-ray inspection of blades.
    • Visual inspection with Endoscope of gears and internal components of gearboxes.
    • Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant and Ultrasonic Inspection of welds in frame structures in service.
    • Checking the tightening torque of threaded joints of machines in service.
    • Thermographic inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment for failure determination.
    • Regulatory inspection (OCA) of Low and High Voltage electrical installations.
    • Metallurgical laboratory for failure analysis of wind turbine components.

    If you are an operator, wind farm developer or wind turbine manufacturer, we can offer you our services tailored to your needs. In the field of Renewable Energies, at SCI, Control & Inspection we are certified and we are currently working for the most important companies in the sector.

    In the industry in general, we provide services of Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Metallurgical Laboratory, Industrial Inspection, Regulatory Inspection and Urban Planning Licenses.